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Ready to add a custom piece to your collection?  Have an antique that needs restoration?  Need some custom products, signs, or displays manufactured for your brand?  Click the button below to send us a description of your project and attach any photos, drawings, or other supporting documents.  

Open Grain Woodwork

A Custom Studio

Furniture Cabinetry  Custom Manufacturing  CNC Routng / Laser Engraving Repair & Restoration

Welcome to Open Grain Woodwork, a creative studio locally owned and operated in Louisville, Kentucky.  With decades of experience, our team of expert craftsmen have the skills necessary to take your dream project from concept to completion.  Whether its a personalized woodworking product or a corporate branded solution, Open Grain is dedicated to delivering a product that is second to none.  Contact us today to begin designing boldly


There’s something to be said about custom wood furniture. It brings personalization and character to any home or office, elevating its space to the next level.  But more so, it represents unrivaled quality, in both appearance and resilience. The craftsmen at Open Grain have a passion for creating unique pieces, from conventional styles to modern works of art.


Enhance your home, restaurant, or place of business with both function and style.  Cabinetry adds value to your home, while also facilitating important aspects of everyday life.  At Open Grain, we strive to deliver  a custom product, tailored to your specifications.  No matter how creative or traditional your vision may be, our craftsmen have the necessary tools and techniques to meet any demand.   

Custom Manufacturing

Every product line or unique idea needs a manufacturer with intimate knowledge and the passion to perfect its construction.  Our studio is the perfect place to work through creating a prototype for that next big innovation, provide services for mass producing a finished product, or manufacture all manner of commercial branded merchandise.  Open Grain is the premier resource for those looking to craft outside of the box.


CNC Routing/Laser Engraving

The technology of today allow for processes that would make earlier woodworkers envious.  The CNC and laser workshop at Open Grain provides its customers with cutting edge detail and precision for even the most complex patterns or shapes.  Custom inlay, company signage, and image engraving are just a sample of the possibilities.  Our team prides itself in incorporating these methods whenever possible, constantly striving to be pioneers of the craft.


Restoration and Repair

Open Grain’s restoration services provide our customers with the means to preserve their favorite heirlooms and prized possessions.  Mixing together age-old techniques with modern processes, our specialists are capable of restoring virtually any antique back to its former glory, from your grandmother’s china cabinet to that table you bought at the thrift shop.  Open Grain is here to ensure the hallmarks of your collection will be around for years to come.